24th January, 2018 - Thanks Luke and ESL! I passed my C2 exam after spending a couple of months studying with you guys. It was a great experience and a fantastic environment, it was fun and educational at the same time. It's a shame I cannot continue going to class but hopefully we'll meet on the other side. I would highly encourage anyone thinking about improving their English to join Luke's class.
Rene Simon, Spain
24th January, 2018 - Thank you ESL and Luke for the amazing experience and for helping me obtain a great mark on my CPE exam! Luke has great skills as a teacher and because of this the whole process was not only interesting but also so enjoyable I was almost sad when my course finished. I would most definitely recommend ESL for anyone who wants to learn English in a dynamic, fun and encouraging space while meeting wonderful people along the way (Luke's class seems to be a magnet for great people).
Anais Roson, Spain

12 January, 2018 - Thanks to Luke’s brilliant insight, teaching skills and support, I have now achieved what I even didn’t think was possible a few months ago. If you’re looking for thrilling English lessons, adapted to your needs and level, and if you wish to meet awesome human beings (for whom this classroom seems to be a magnet), then the Edinburgh School of Language is your best chance.
Sarah, Belgium
14th December, 2017 - I took the 4 weeks full time course in the Edinburgh School of Language to prepare my CAE exam. I enjoyed every single minute in that class. Luke makes the sessions very amusing and push us to improve our english and communication skills. I have learned more english in 4 weeks than in the last 10 years I'll comeback in January to take other course for sure! 100% recommended
Ivan, Spain

22nd November, 2017 - I attended General English classes at ESL for two months and I am really happy for this experience. Only one thing which I regret is that I can’t attend more classes! Luke is amazing teacher, number of students in the class is reasonable and friendly atmosphere encourage gaining maximum from every lesson. If I had opportunity to continue with English lessons, I would like to join ESL again. Thank you very much!
Veronika Kutisova, Czech Republic
27th October, 2017 - I just want to thank you for these classes and, also if I still think that my English is not so good, you definitely put me out of my confort zone..This is a good thing. We need to face up to the limits. Now I know better what I have to do to with my English before coming back in January..Thank you again.
Giada Canova, Italy

27th October, 2017 - I truly enjoyed the classes and mainly the company. They were always full of positive energy. I learnt a lot not only when it comes to English. Only one little thing - I would prefer if you did the little exercises with us to save time and if we focused a little bit more on grammar too. But it was prefect! I already miss you guys!
Sabina Svarcova, Czech Republic
29th August, 2017 - The atmosphere in class is friendly, I had learnt a lot with Luke who is an amazing person and teacher. I hope to come back soon to learn more. I did not just improved my English, I learnt about Scotland and lots of subjects. Thank you.
Hilda Malinowski, France

25th August, 2017 - Attending English classes in Edinburgh School of Language with Luke it has been one of the best decision in this holidays. Even I was on holidays I have had enough time to learn the language and also plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful city. Luke is a very good teacher that makes you work a lot and I have learned more than any other English school in Valencia. It has been a pleasure to have you as a teacher and I would like to thank you for all your help.With you, I have learned English and so much more.
Ana Ruiz, Spain
24th July, 2017 - I would like to thank you for the great English course I had the opportunity to experience with you for a month. The classes were very interesting and fun. I had the opportunity to meet people of various nationalities and to talk to them. I have effectively realized my goal of losing inhibition and speaking in English. You're to be congratulated. And when you go to Brazil, do not hesitate to look for me in Rio de Janeiro. I will be happy to show you the city and introduce my family to you.
Regina Abreu, Brazil

20th June, 2017 - I’d like to thank Luke for helping me reaching one of my goals, getting the C1 (Advanced Certificate in English, CAE). I have tried to pass the exam twice in my life, joining into several academies in Spain but, regarding my results and in comparison with ESL, they were a waste of money and time. The problem was they didn’t want to teach me grammar and vocabulary properly because they wanted to be focused on Speaking and Listening. I actually noticed that it wasn't the best way to learn English while I was attending ESL. Luke helped us to gain confidence in conversation as all the classes began with a peculiar question: "WHAT'S THE NEWS OF TODAY?????", which was great because it enabled me to get a wide range of vocabulary and expressions from prestigious newspapers and articles and put it into practice. He also gave us  indepth understanding of the grammar (reporting speech, passive voice, tenses, conditionals…) by giving us exercises and some theory explanation (I really thought I knew grammar until I went to his classes hahaha). He provided us the perfect reinforcing material individually in order to fulfil our goals (Ielts, B2, C1…). Luke was a wonderful teacher & journalist, always willing to help everyone with their weaknesses. Having attended ESL  for just 2 months, I passed the CAE succesfully. With only 6-7 people in class, everyone had time to express and improve themselves that is what makes it valuable for money.  However, the only thing I could change is that sometimes we were repeating exercises, but that is nothing, that could be sorted out with a little bit of organization. Studying English wasn’t boring anymore with you, thank you Luke!!!!!!!
Mireia Banuls Ramirez, Spain
22nd March, 2017 - I did an intensive course in Edinburgh School of Language for 3 months, in order to prepare the IELTS test which I needed for the University and in which I got a 7 (more than what I needed and expected!). After this course I noticed not only how quick my speaking, reading, writing and listening skills were improving, but also my confidence and curiosity about WHAT'S ON THE NEWS? The classes are really dynamic as you debate recent and interesting topics at the same time that the teacher motivates and teaches you grammar. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to meet incredible people whilst I was taking the classes. Thanks for everything Luke.
Yaiza Parajon Rodriguez, Spain

17th January, 2017 - Edinburgh School of Language and Luke not just helped me to improve quickly my level of English in a short period of time but also he increased my confidence and my skills in order to face up the professional field in a foreign country. During his lessons, he is capable to mix all disciplines of English language with high standards of quality and grammar, doing very dynamic and friendly lessons with small groups. Furthermore, he can give to you as much extra work as you can do. It was a pleasure to share my time abroad with him and the students. 100% recommendable. See you soon Luke!
Damia Munmany Clos, Barcelona, Spain
19th December 2016 - I had been living in Edinburgh for two years when I decided to contact with Luke. I had successfully read a master’s degree in one of the Edinburgh based universities but I still had to face the challenge of getting a job at the level of my qualifications. This means not just write a convincing CV and an appealing cover letter, you need to be confident enough with your English to deal with a professional interview where your ability to speak English fluently is taken for granted. In order to get that, Luke’s teaching method has been extremely useful. Encouraging constantly the use of English to explain, contrast and debate different topics whilst maintaining always an eye on the grammar. You can feel after a couple of weeks how the number of your mistakes decrease gradually and you feel more and more fluent and confident with your foreign language. I strongly recommend Edinburgh School of Languages to all those who want to improve their English at every level. Thanks mate!
Fernando Agra-Lorenzo, A Coruna, Galicia

6th October, 2016 - I have attended Luke’s classes in order to improve my English and prepare the IELTS test. As a result, I’ve got the score I needed to enter in a PhD program. Luke´s British accent is easy to understand, and he makes a class fun. Besides, he is a person with a broad knowledge of politics, economics, cinema, history, etc. The class is formed by small groups of different nationalities with a minimum of B1 English level. Every class starts with talking about current news, which is highly useful to organise ideas and speak fluently. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to practice presentations in small groups, which great to accomplish self-confidence in academic environment, and obviously at work. I highly recommend this academy, especially if you are a hard-worker student. 
Juan Carlos Del Rey, Spain
7th June, 2016 - Edinburgh School of Language is not a typical school, the lessons are not the typical English lessons and the teacher, definitely is not a typical teacher. I arrived to Edinburgh looking for an intensive IELTS course in order to obtain the necessary score to join the University of Edinburgh and, after three months of hard work I have achieved my objective. What I did not expect is how amazing the process was going to be, over this time I have had the opportunity to share experiences with wonderful people, most of them can be considered now as real friends (teacher included); I have never expected three hours of English a day was going to seem short. I would recommend ESL to anybody with a dynamic personality who is looking for a complete English experience.
Carlos Tortosa, Spain

27th May, 2016 - How are you and everyone out there in School? I hope you all are doing well. I am delighted to announce my IELTS result to you. I have finally succeeded in achieving 7 in each band; listening 8.5, reading 8, writing and speaking both 7. This would not be possible without your help and guidance. You made me realise my weaknesses and gave me courage and encouragement to do the best in exams. You are a great teacher and friend. I miss you, our class, friends, and the fun we used to have in the class. Wish you all the best in life and see you soon. Many, many thanks once again. Your sincere student,
Anju Roy, Nepal
16th May, 2016 - A well run professional school with staff who will motivate you to get the results you're looking for. As the school keeps a class small (no more than 7 students), each student gets teacher's attention and a fair chance to speak/practise their English. It is interactive and extremely lively. I attended IELTS preparation course and I also found the study materials used both in the class and for homework are very helpful as they are similar to the real exam. If you want to step up to the academic/professional English world, ESL is the perfect place for you. They encourage you, push you and help you.
Natsuko Gardner, Japan

4th May, 2016 - I would like to express my satisfaction about the IELTS course offered by Edinburgh School. It was a fantastic experience, I have improved my English, and also I could improve my social abilities, and I learnt about the situation of different countries around the world. In addition, it was absolutely wonderful to know people from different places, and listen to interesting stories. Edinburgh School has helped me in Academic matters, and also as a person. It is remarkable the role of Luke, a journalist, a teacher, and a friend. With a strong and interesting personality, he is the star of the performance, he can make funny the process of learning the more boring things. Always with a smile, personal advice, and commitment, I can not think about a better person to teach a subject. It would be unforgivable if I forget to say that Luke has encouraged me to follow the path I really wanted to follow, but I was not brave enough to do it. Thanks to him I could obtain the necessary English level to make my dream come true. For all these important facts and many others I will not able to express, thank you Edinburgh School. Thank you very much, Luke.
Claudia Lorenzo, Spain
11th April, 2016 My experience in Edinburgh language centre has been amazing! I have studied there for almost 8 months and I could totally say that my English level has improved a lot. On top of the English knowledge that I have gained, I have met lots of new people. The atmosphere is really nice and the students sometimes meet together as well as with the teacher. I was not feeling lazy when I had to go to my classes because I new that I was going to have a great time, the classes are fun. Finally, I have to say that I have passed the Advanced and IELTS exams, so that my goals were achieved after studying there for some time!
Sara Manero, Basque Country, Spain

25th February, 2016 I think I chose the right place for myself. Focusing on speaking and delivering information is the most important for me and my work at Edinburgh Napier University, in my opinion. As part of a group I have a chance to speak and having no time at home for a homework I can use these three hours per week in the most intensive way. I am happy with continuing to learn at your school. I like your way of teaching.
Dr Alicja Stankiewicz, Poland

13th February, 2016 "When I came to this academy, I can say my english was very poor, after four months learning with the teacher, my English improves a lot! Not only writing, speaking too! He makes you talk a lot and if you really want to learn, he will give you a lot of things to study. The classes are no more than 7 people, always dynamic and funny! It's worthwile, 100% recommended, you will make a good investment."

Thanks a lot for everything Luke:)

Altea Soler Hernandez, Spain

14th September, 2015 - After several months participating in an English course in Edinburgh School of Language, I can assure that it has undoubtedly been a great experience in my life. Not only because I improved considerably my English skills, but also because in ESL I had the pleasure of coinciding with Luke and delightful students from different countries, fact really important when you are new in the city, and what’s more, creating the right academic atmosphere. Concerning the quality of education, custom and small groups make you feel part of each lesson. Dynamism and constant interaction in class will help you to break easily the mental block that many of us find when speaking a new language. I would particularly recommend the IELTS course: listening, reading, speaking and writing will be discussed deeply and many real tests provided. Moreover, Luke will go the extra-mile to detect and strengthen your weak points. If you’re willing to work hard, believe me, this is your school! Thank you Luke for all your help and support!
Luis Gutierrez, Spain
7th July, 2015 - Decidere di iniziare un corso di lingua per migliorare le proprie abilità è un passo importante quando si vive all'estero. Avere un insegnante che, grazie ad anni d'esperienza, è capace di intuire i tuoi bisogni e di sostenerti nel tuo cammino è una fortuna! Un grande grazie a ESL Scotland per l'aiuto durante la preparazione per l'esame CAE. Anna
Anna Salis, Italy

23rd June, 2015 - My English has improved a lot since I started the classes. The teacher knows what every student needs and he advises the best for everyone. The students receive a very personal attention so they can improve very quickly. I definitely recommend the school to everyone who wants to learn English and obtain good results.
Sara Mielgo, Spain
14th April, 2015 - As a student who has been improving his English for a long time I could say, ESL was one of the most interesting and special school where I have ever been. The groups are small; you have only one teacher who treats you in a special way. He always considers your personality and finds the most effective way to encourage you. Trust me, he finds your weak points and shows it to you. If you are a hard worker and you have an aim ESL is a perfect school for you. This is the place where you work with your teacher together. I am truly grateful for Luke to push me and show me the skills that I have to improve in order to be an effective and progressive student at the university. It was fun and hard work.
Daniel Szekely, Hungary

10th April, 2015 Good morning Edinburgh School. I have got my IELTS results. Passed everything with bright colors. 7.5 overall and i scored 7 in writing. Thank you for all your help and support :)
Apostolis, Greece
9th April, 2015 - Cuando te trasladas a un país extraño para ti y el idioma es un handicap para tu día a día es muy importante encontrar una buena academia...yo en este sentido tuve mucha suerte!! encontré una muy pequeñita de grupos reducidos y lo más importante, di con un buen profesor: paciente y sobre todo sabía motivarme en el día a día a pesar de mis agobios. Fueron 3 semanas de curso intensivo muy productivas. Thank you very much Lucas&Edinburgh School
Sonia, Spain

At school I felt like at home. Teacher and other students were really friendly and helpful. I enjoyed atmosphere during the lessons and teaching because everything was clearly explained. I passed my IELTS exam with band score 6.5 and I’m very happy about that! Thank you very much!
Audrius Kopka, Lithuania
I’ve just received my IELTS results. And I’m really happy. I’ve got overall 7! Once again, thank you very much!
Ola Jaworska, Poland

You are a fantastic school…Thank you for everything.
Martina, Venice, Italy
I’d like to thank you very much because I have just received my IELTS score……Overall 7 !!!!!!!!!!!! (Reading 6.5, Writing 6.5, Listening 7, Speaking 7) I’m really happy!
Rita Marsico, Italy

Thank you very much. I successfully passed the IELTS exam and in September I will start the university. A hug Federico.
Federico Zucca, Italy
I attended Edinburgh School of Language for 6 months to prepare my CPE exam. I experienced a great and fruitful learning process as I did not only get my Cerficate of Proficiency in English but also I improved my English in a very satisfactory way and I positively boosted my confidence as a student of English

I am grateful to have chosen ESL. It was the right decision.
Marta Castellanos Gonzales, Spain

We had a very good time in Edinburgh, we really enjoyed the city and our classes. You are a great teacher so in spite of we only stayed in your class for a week, we think that it was very useful. In your classes learning English is fun and this is wonderful. If we return to Edinburgh we will call you again and we strongly recommend you as a good English teacher.
Jose Vicente and Ruth, Spain
Precise grammar information. Efforts focus on texts and exams examples and no waste of precious time in class, take all the homework you want! Every task has a relation with some important point that you must know to pass the FCE exam! I totally recommend this school! It has a been a pleasure! I’ve passed!!! My score was 75/100, not too bad!
Lucila Costas, Argentina

I came to Edinburgh this summer to pass my CAE exam. As I wasn’t really confident I looked for a school with courses specifically prepared to pass the exam, and that school was ESL. There’s no class with more than eight students and the range of age and nationality is really wide. What these provide is a really welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. Students are given samples of exams so that thay can feel prepared. But I believe that what improves the most is the speaking skills due to the conversations in class and the speaking practices. In my opinion the best thing of ESL is the great balance between learning, studying and enjoying.
Roso Pou Casajuana, Spain
I enrolled in a course at ESL in order to prepare for my Academic IELTS test and successfully achieved the desired result of 7. Speaking 7 Listening 7 Reading 7 Writing 6 Overall score: 7 Thanks for everything and for your support.
Andrea, Italy

I have found a contract Job and just started one month ago! It’s challenging but a very interesting experience. So thanks again for your English courses and all your advice for job hunting… it helped me considerably!
Fabian, Switzerland
I found the IELTS course very interesting and helpful for me as it helped me with improving my week points. The course was very dynamic due to the size of the group of students, making everybody participant all the time. The planing of the course was very organized too. You would never feel you were wasting your time, and from the first minute until the last one, I was continuously working on something. I definitely advise you coming to this school where the teacher knows how to encourage you, point out your weaknesses, and push you to get the level you are required. In my case I needed a 6. When I did my first sample test in class I was in-between 6.5-7, but now that I have got my exam results, I manage to get an 8! All I can say, thank you Luke!
Aitor Aramburu, Basque Country, Spain

I needed to pass my IELTS Standard exam so that I could emigrate to Australia. I needed to achieve marks of 7 or over for each of the categories (listening, reading, writing and speaking) so I bought some text books, signed up to a few web sites and set about completing the on-line tests. These on-line tests were an issue for me because they don’t simulate the real thing, there is not a lot of instruction and what there is, is not of a high quality, therefore they were not much help to me. The text books were worse, they did not explain anything about how the tests actually work or even what practice and studying should be undertaken. I knew that I had to find a great English teacher if I was to stand a chance of getting the required marks because despite the fact that I was born and bred in the UK, these tests are not the easiest to pass. I browsed the internet, called a few tutors and then found Luke at the Edinburgh Language School. As soon as I spoke to him I knew that he could help me, his attitude was right, he was reassuring, he rhymed off his qualifications, experience and successes, he was friendly and inviting but above all he was very confident, confident in his ability to help me, so I decided to give him a go. I met him for a chat at his office and decided right away to book 4 lessons, he advised me to have 3 but I wanted the safety blanket of the 4th just to make sure. His prices are very reasonable and he fitted around my times because I work full time. He takes his work very seriously, which is good for me because I was serious about passing the test. He taught me exactly how the various stages of the test would work, what I had to study in order to pass them and how to perform each stage. This was the key to my success, knowing what was expected of me at each stage. To me the test is more about learning ‘what’ to listen out for or to look for in a passage or exactly what phrase is expected and how it should be worded. After a couple of sessions my confidence level soared and by the 4th session I knew that I was in a far better place than before I met Luke. So, thank you Luke for all your help, I quite literally couldn’t have done it without your help, I will always recommend you whenever I can and you are always welcome to visit me in Australia, there is always a place on my couch for you. Cheers
Peter, Scotland
As I live in English speaking country I decided to improve my English language. After searching on the Internet I have found the link on Edinburgh School of Language. I contacted this school and started my course few days later under the leadership of the teacher Lucas. Firstly – Lucas provided me with general information about the language course and also with information about different types of certificates and their possible use for me in the future. I had two sessions in a week, which lasted 2 hours. The group of students in the class was small – usually 3 or 4 people (approximately about the same level of English) thus everyone had the chance to speak rather than to be a passive listener. Lucas usually encouraged everyone in the group to be active, thus contribute to the lesson. There was a preparation for classes in form of homework, which were then checked by the teacher and provided with well timed feedback. This helped me to reflect on my own writing and learning. I felt sometimes that the tasks in the class or the homework are actually beyond my level but it turned out for me to be a challenge, which helped me also slowly to overcome my doubts about my English. The sessions were always held in good spirit, very interactive, provided a chance to discuss different topics, which helped me to enrich my lexicon of English words. Since I became more confident with English language I have applied for IELTS test. I had a great support during the period of preparation from Lucas as he supplied the classes with the type of material determined by the test and so I have successfully passed the test on the first attempt without any problem. The classes were always held in friendly atmosphere and I have made few friends there. However, I gained far more from meeting Lucas as he encouraged me to apply for university and I have successfully went through my 2nd year at Edinburgh Napier University so far.
Sona Stehlikova, Czech Republic

I have received the results today and I have passed the CAE 70/100! I am sending you online Tequilas!! Thank youu very much I am very happy!!!
Beatriz, Spain
I prepared the CAE Exam with this school, and despite I didn’t have so much time I passed it! The teacher was really concerned about making me work hard, he really cares about the students reaching their goal. The classes are not crowded, which makes you feel comfortable to speak and ask.
Silvia Nova Garcia, Spain

The results of FCE test have just arrived and I have passed it!! I’m really happy because I have achieved the main goal, pass the exam! Although the score is a ‘C’ I’m proud of my English evolution as well as my level. In the beggining it was horrible! So in few months I could achieve the certificate and this is a reason to be happy! Thanks very much for your help all this time!!
Guillem, Spain
I hope you are having as sunny day in Edinburgh as we in Vilnius. I have just received my exam results and I would like to share them with you more than with anyone else :) So my result is pass at grade C (70/100). Writing and listening – exceptional (can you believe it?:)), speaking and grammar – good, reading – borderline. I feel very happy with this achievement :) Thank you once again for English and life lessons :) It was great pleasure for me to meet you and have you as a teacher. You are the best :) I look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh or in Vilnius where you are always welcome :) Warm regards
Indre, Lithuania